Beijing Jiaotong University

The Fifth International Conference on Rough Set and Knowledge Technology

Oct.15-17, 2010, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

Rough Set and Knowledge Technology (RSKT) is the series of international scientific conferences spanning over last four years. RSKT investigates two major areas outlined in its title with respect to foundations and applications. One area is Rough Set in Hybrid Methodologies and Hybrid Systems. The other is Knowledge Technology and the widely understood Granular Computing including rough and fuzzy set, soft computing in data mining and etc..

The major objectives of the conference are to present the state-of-the-art scientific results, encourage academic and industrial interaction, and promote collaborative research in rough sets and knowledge technology worldwide. The 5th will be held in Beijing, China, Oct. 15-17 2010. Previously, we have successfully organized the RSKT'09 (Gold Coast, Australia), RSKT'08 (Chengdu, China), JRS'07 (RSKT'07 together with RSFDGrC'07) (Toronto, Canada) and RSKT'06 (Chongqing, China). Meanwhile, RSKT2010 remains the fully international event aimed at building bridges between different groups and countries.

For further information about the RSKT2010 Conference please contact us.