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RSKT2010 Camera-Ready Submission

Guidelines for Submitting the Final Paper Version

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RSKT 2010 Proceedings

The program committee members have put in a significant effort in order to provide useful feedback to the authors. Please find the comments on your paper included in the e-mail with your Notification of Acceptance. When preparing the final paper version, please take into account the referees' comments.

The proceedings of RSKT 2010 will be published in the Springer's LNCS, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNAI subseries and will be available at the conference. Please read carefully Springer's instructions on preparing the manuscript before you submit the final version.


Paper Format 

The authors are to write their papers in TeX or LaTeX formats. These formats are necessary for the final versions of the papers to be published in the Springer Lecture Notes. For detailed instructions on the final paper format see the Springer Information for LNCS Authors (for LaTeX example of a paper you may download directly the Springer sample file with the LaTeX class, or it can be found as typeinst.tex at the Springer FTP server

Do not squash your paper by removing vertical spaces or changing font sizes, etc. The paper will be reformatted by editors and the final pdf will cover more pages than the original. You would risk your paper be truncated or rejected.

Four other very important points are:

  1. please make sure that there is only one set of source files and pdf files per paper. Any older versions of papers should on no account be sent on to us.
  2. please make sure that, if an author has several papers in one volume, he or she writes his name consistently. This is not only important for the Author Index of the volume, but also for the author himself/herself.
  3. please make sure that it is clear which of the authors' names are first names and which are surnames. This is particularly important for Chinese or Spanish names. The names appear as initial(s) plus surname(s) in the running heads and surname(s), first name(s) in the author index.
Copyright Form 

At least one author of each accepted paper must sign the copyright form (PDF), which is also located at the above mentioned Springer Information for LNCS Authors.

As a title of the book please fill in RSKT 2010; the Volume Editors are Jian Yu, Salvatore Greco, and Pawan Lingras. Your signed copyright form must be sent to us, either by fax to +86-10-5168-4931 or by email to : with your signed reservation form on or before July 6, 2010 (Please see the detail information on the ‘Registration’ Page). Jul.6, 2010 is also the deadline for us to receive the final electronic files.


Authors Registration 

One of the authors has to register and to pay the registration fee by Jul. 06, 2010 to be included in the conference proceedings. Only one paper of up to 8 pages is included in the regular registration fee. The additional page and paper charge is USD 100 per page and USD 300 per paper. An author with more than one paper pays the additional paper(s) rates unless a co-author has also registered and paid the full registration fee.


Final Submission 

The final submission of your paper (maximum length is 8 pages, being it presented orally or as poster) comprises of three parts:

  1. a completed and signed copyright form,
  2. electronic files of your paper:
    • text files (latex, tex) and .eps files for the figures,
    • the final DVI file (for papers prepared using LaTeX or TeX),
    • the final PostScript file (not in reverse page order),
    • the pdf file of the final version of your paper.
  3. registration of at least one author per paper.

Upload your electronic files to the conference submission system.

To avoid confusion, name all files in the following fashion: Use always 10 characters plus an extension (rsktNNNC.XXX). rskt is a fixed string. NNN is the paper id number assigned to you (eg, 001, 010, or 110). To distinguish several files of the same type (e.g., EPS files) use characters a, b, c,... in the field C. XXX identifies the file type (tex, ps, etc.). For example, the files in a final submission could be named rskt009a.tex, rskt009a.dvi,, rskt009a.eps, rskt009b.eps, and rskt009c.eps. Also, please make sure that the .tex file uses the same figure names.

It is required that you compress the files with zip format. Use rsktNNN as the base name for the compressed file (e.g.,


Checklist of the Whole Process 
  • Check that you are able to login to the RSKT 2010 submission system. Check and/or change contact author's email (NOTE, editors and/or Springer will use this address to contact the authors during Jul. and Aug. to confirm the camera-ready version before publication.)
  • Download the copyright form, fill it, and fax it or mail a hard copy.
  • Read the Springer Information for LNCS Authors and use them in preparing final copy.
  • Revise your paper taking into account the referees' comments.
  • Page limit - 8 (eight) pages in the Springer's LNCS proceedings format. You may exceed the limit by up to five pages, charged at USD100 per extra page.
  • Zip all source files (see the Springer's definition in the Information) plus PDF file of your camera-ready paper.
  • Upload the zipped file at RSKT Paper submission page under your user account. Please note, that the server may be closed by July 06, 2010, 24:00 GMT, and any late submission may not be accepted.
  • Register at the conference site. At least one author of each accepted paper must register. The payment of registration fee must be already received by the deadline July 6th, 2010; do not forget to add paper conversion charges and extra page charges if applicable.


If you have any questions concerning the final submission, contact